Neverkusen Podcast 177

Well, the Pillers played a magnificent match against Arminia Bielefeld and walked away with a comfortable 3-0 victory. Alex and Eric take a close look at the match and also look ahead to the upcoming Bayern and Atalanta matches that promise to be exciting ties. Join us for a lovely little look at what has been and what is to come – and drink a beer while you’re at it!

Neverkusen Podcast 176

Oof…that one hurt. Leverkusen’s loss at Mainz has the crew feeling blue (a horrible color!), but still Alex, Frieda, and Eric take some time to discuss the good and the bad from Friday’s match. The 05ers are always a tough opponent, but like a drunken reveler who’s lost their wallet at Carnival, it feels like Bayer left behind three points in Mainz. Thankfully, part two of the pod will have everyone in better spirits because we’re happy to welcome Arya, a Bayern and Iranian NT fan, to the pod to discuss our most recent acquisition, Sardar Azmoun. From the sounds of it, our league-leading number of fouls and cards won’t be going down anytime soon! Enjoy the pod and thanks for listening!

Neverkusen Podcast 175

Which is the most in-form team in the Bundesliga right now? If you guessed RB Leipzig, you’re in the wrong place – it’s our beloved Bayer Leverkusen, who have scored 18 goals in their last five Bundesliga matches! The boys are simply banging them in at the moment, and the party continued over the weekend against VfB Stuttgart. Matt from the VfB Stuttgart Americana podcast was kind enough to speak with Alex and Eric about Saturday’s match, and it’s safe to say that our topics were somewhat wide-ranging. So if you like chat about German football, player aliases, or boating on the Great Lakes you’ve come to the right place! Dig in!

Neverkusen Podcast 174

Bayer Leverkusen made a statement this past weekend, putting up five goals on the bumbling bees and creating a little breathing room between themselves and the rest of the table. 2022 has started out almost as well as any LEV fan could have hoped, and Eric and Alex are happy to welcome back long-time friend of the pod, Stefan Buczko, who helps us explain this rather surprising matchday outcome. The goals were always going to fly when these two teams face one another – happy to be on the higher-scoring side this time!

Neverkusen Podcast 173

Hello, 2022! The Neverkusen Podcast is back with its first episode of the new year, and Eric welcomes Bayer fan and transfer guru, Alex Silk, for a topical discussion about the Hinrunde, the upcoming match against Julian Brandt’s Bees, and, of course, some exciting and somewhat sad transfer news. Bayer Leverkusen look to make a big statement this weekend, and we are here for it! Join us!

Neverkusen Podcast 172

It’s good to be back among friends, and for episode 172 the crew welcomes back Jason and Frankie after their Europa League trip to Celtic Park (a short trip for Jase). We get a first-hand account of the match against Celtic from the boys, and then we dive into the most recent Bundesliga match against Armenia Bielefeld. And, of course, we look ahead to Sunday’s match against FC Hollywood…with lots of positivity. Gerardo Seoane has the Bayer engine humming right now and we’re looking to keep that momentum rolling all the way to first place. So grab a beer (unless you’re driving) and come delude yourselves with us!

Neverkusen Podcast 171

The shock of defeat against Dortmund was so profound that only Eric could muster up the energy to speak to our guest and friend, Stefan Buczko, of the Yellowwall Pod. Even after that stinging defeat, you have to fairly happy with the way Gerardo Seoane has Bayer playing right now, especially in forward third of the pitch. It’s never boring, but as we saw in this match, it’s still Leverkusen. Which other team can take a lead three times in a match and come out with empty hands? Not many, but Bayer does it with style. Kick back to hear a couple of friends shoot the shit about an exciting, albeit frustrating, match. Cheers!

Neverkusen Podcast 170

It’s the first pod of the season, and the Neverkusen Crew start it off right by talking to transfer market expert, Alexander Silk, who gives us a great run-down of the Pillendreher’s transfers over the last few months. The way that Gerardo Seoane has the team playing right now has every Bayer fan excited and looking forward to the match against bvb after the international break. With a new trainer and some new blood…could this finally be the season when Leverkusen can score some hardware? History says no…but maybe this year Bayer writes some of their own. We can always dream!

Neverkusen Podcast 169

What a massive pod to end the season! The gang welcomes some really special guests to reflect on the crazy season that was. In part one, Frankie, Tom and Eric get into the end of the season and, more importantly, the Lars Bender retirment. In the second part, we are joined by old friend Markus Jokisch to talk about his annual Saisonspende (season charity drive) that raised over eleven thousand Euro for various charities this year (with the help of a well-known friend)! And at the end of this 90 minute monster, we speak to another old friend Markus Horn about the Kickers Offenbach, who are wrapping up their season this weekend. You can never have too many Markuses! Join us for the season finale and enjoy a couple of beers while you listen!

Neverkusen Podcast 168

If we never have to watch another match against Werder Bremen, it’ll be too soon! Jason, Julia, and Eric look at some of the key moments from the match (there weren’t many!), and try to inject a little bit of life into what was a mostly dull affair. Much more important and interesting than the match itself, Julia gives us a bit of background on the international Diaby Army movement – and she’s well-placed to report as the defending Diaby Army kick-tipp champ! Have a listen and get involved! Credit also to Jase for hosting for the first time, especially this dead rubber of a match! We hope you’ll enjoy this pod a little more than the match 🙂