Nov 02

Neverkusen Podcast #31

These English weeks are killers! The Neverkusen Podcast is back with episode 31, an ambitious look at 3 matches and 3 victories from the last 7 days. The Crew reviews the Europa League tie against Rapid Vienna, the historic super-upset at the Allianz Arena, and the bloody trench battle against Arminia Bielefeld, all the while drinking up the victorious atmosphere and the copious quantities of alt bier. Bayer Leverkusen is on a roll…your chance to jump on the bandwagon without looking like a loser is growing smaller!

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  1. Bin ich ein Erfolgsfan?bayer04blog | bayer04blog

    […] die Crew des Neverkusen Podcasts hat in seiner aktuellen 31. Ausgabe Castros Wechsel ins Mittelfeld und seine damit einhergehende neugewonnene Freiheit und Spielfreude […]

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