Dec 06

Neverkusen Podcast #33

We’re #2! We’re #2!! We’re #2!!! The Neverkusen Crew is back from an almost month-long hiatus with a power-packed, star-studded, freshly-shaved episode (33) of the Neverkusen Podcast. While we were away, Bayer04 has climbed up the proverbial ladder to second place, and now every team (besides those douche bags from Bavaria) is looking up at our bottoms as we assume our rightful place at the right hand of whomever is going to win the salad plate. Remember, people, 2nd place is the new 1st place! Fuckin’ stoked!


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  1. Colin

    Brilliant podcast! I was at my first Bayer 04 game last Saturday and saw Bayer 04 beat FCN. I am now a Bayer 04 follower. I am from London.

  2. Tom

    Thx Colin, that’s great! Do give us a shout next time you’re in Leverkusen. We’d love to have a beer and show you around a little.

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