Dec 19

Bayer Leverkusen Trivia Question #3


Who scored the goal that relegated FCK in 1996 and kept Bayer 04 in the 1. Bundesliga?


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  1. Der_Senser

    …. in 82nd Minute equalized to the final score of 1:1!

  2. Neverkusen Podcast

    Ganz richtig! You’re playing this game as well as Bayer Levekusen are playing football!

  3. Daniel

    ….. < you are correct, Daniel! Removed the answer so others can't see. (ed.)

  4. Der_Senser

    Hahaha. I just try. 😉

  5. Vampy

    ?. Voeller was the captain 😉

    1. Neverkusen Podcast

      Boo-yah! Good answer…like our second goal against Bayern this year

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