Dec 23

Bayer Leverkusen Trivia Question #8 – Lightning Round


What is the name of Bernd Schneider’s first professional team?


And we’ll end the competition with a Schnix question.  Get your answers in for fabulous (not really) and expensive (cheap) prizes.



The Neverkusen Crew


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  1. Vampy

  2. Neverkusen Podcast

    *Applause, applause, applause, applesauce, applause*

    Thank you for playing, Shah Rukh! You da’ man!

  3. Der_Senser

    Oh my god, i read Bernd Schuster!!!
    Of course Bernd Schneider dtarted at …!!!

  4. Neverkusen Podcast

    HAHAHAHAHA…best answer of the trivia match, Klaus. You got it right!

    We would never want to mention Schuster’s first club on this website. Die Scheisse vom Dom…

  5. Der_Senser

    Hahaha! That’s why you should never read in a hurry!!
    I was so much wondering about it afterwards, that i really had to take a closer look again.
    I just thought, that can’t be true you asking for that shit club for answer!!!
    Good that i made your day. 😉

  6. Daniel

    Carl Zeiss Jena!

  7. Tilly McCauley

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