Neverkusen Podcast #45

It’s episode 45 of the Neverkusen podcast, and the boys are back filled with more piss and vinegar than a contingent of Duesseldorf and C***gne fans standing on a bridge.  Even after a 4-1 victory that flattered Bayer Leverkusen somewhat, three points is three points in their quest to secure a Champion’s League spot.  In part one, the Neverkusen Crew (minus one) look back on the match, and discuss Tom’s (and the team’s) return to the the old stomping grounds.  After that, we look at some news from the past couple of weeks, including the latest on the Hyypia/Lewandowski saga, the possible addition of new players in the summer, and Leverkusen’s first trophy in a loooong time.  Meanwhile, Patrick hears singing voices in his head, Tom avoids the flares and fireworks in the stadium, and Eric does his best to limit himself to one beer before work.  Enjoy the pod!

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