Jul 02

Are you the real deal? Neverkusen Podcast Fantasy BL Manager

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In collaboration with Kicker.de, the leading German Sport Magazine, we are proud to announce for the upcoming season a exclusive Neverkusen Podcast Fantasy League.  Listeners (14) and Crew (4) will have the chance to fight for glory, which in Leverkusen terms translates to “Vizekusen”.

Is this something for you? Well then, don´t waste time and comment below as we are applying the first-come, first-served principle.

This online game is explained here in German: Kicker-Managerspiel Pro

Use Google Translate if needed, we will try to assist as best as we can once this gets running.  Compared to other Fantasy Manager, this mode offered by Kicker has an internal transfer market, where participants bid against each other for all available Bundesliga players.  We therefore kind of expect all-year activeness in this game, as it increases the joy of everyone.

Good night, and good luck!

The Crew

Silver Medal

The true winner


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  1. Eric

    I’m in! Put up a link!

  2. Chris

    I’m in too.

  3. Schnix25

    Bin dabei 😉

  4. Neverkusen Podcast

    Guys you both have an email. Instructions inside. We need 18 to play Head to Head!! Who else?

  5. Austin

    Count me in!

  6. Neverkusen Podcast

    Schnix25 and Austin you also have mail now

  7. Kai

    I’m in!

  8. Neverkusen Podcast

    Kai you have mail!

  9. Choli

    Never played fantasy that way, I’m new here, but I’ll try to go for it 😉

  10. Neverkusen Podcast

    You got mail

  11. Völler

    Bin dabei

  12. Daniel

    As long as it’s not too complicated I am interested :D! I’ve only played the Fantasy Premier League version.

  13. Neverkusen Podcast

    You both have mail!!

  14. undee

    If there is still some space for me, I am in.

  15. Neverkusen Podcast

    You got mail!

  16. Nik

    Da würd ich auch mitmachen!

  17. Germanbsfan

    count me in

  18. Neverkusen Podcast

    You have both mails. Come on, a couple more and we fill the league

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