Coming soon: English Translations for German-language Articles

Dear Listener/Reader/Leverkusen Fan,

The Neverkusen Crew is excited to announce that we will be translating into English some of the German-language articles about Bayer Leverkusen, generally from kicker magazine or the Rheinische Post.  We will try to post at least one or two articles per week, depending on quantity and quality.  We hope that in this way non-German speakers will be able to enjoy some of the amazing journalism about the team that is written within the country.  We would also, if you are so inclined, encourage you to contact us over Twitter if you find a German-language article about  the team that you think is worth translating.  Hell, the Crew runs deep enough that if you find a Spanish-language article about Bayer, we can translate that, too!  No French, though…ever.

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