kicker article by Frank Lussem to the possible transfer of Tin Jedvaj to Bayer Leverkusen (article appeared 2.6.14)

Jedvaj: another one like Carvajal?

According to kicker magazine information, Tin Jedvaj is close to transferring to Bayer Leverkusen.  The 18 year old interior defender, who plays for AS Roma, is thought to be coming to the Werksclub on a loan basis.  Jedvaj passed through all of the Croatian Football Association’s youth teams and counts as a technically adept defender, who is also creative going forward and multi-faceted – he can also play at right back or defensively in the midfield.

“An interesting player,” says Bayers Sport Director Rudi Voeller about the blond-haired youngster, who only last year transferred from Dynamo Zagreb to Roma for 5 million Euro.  He hasn’t yet achieved a breakthrough at Rome, however, and has appeared in only two Serie A matches.

Nevertheless, Bayer is convinced of the Croat’s potential and would like to take him on loan from Roma for two years.  And although the player has agreed to terms with Bayer, and Rudi Voeller’s connection to his ex-club certainly won’t hold back the deal, there are, according to kicker, still some details to be worked out.  Specifically, this means the loan fee (in all likelihood dependant on the player’s appearances and successes) as well as a purchase option for the Bundesliga club.

Bayer has already had a wonderful experience with a young talent from outside of Germany, when the totally unknown right back Daniel Carvajal (swoon – ed.) joined the club.  He is currently back with his former team, Real Madrid, and since the 24th of May a Champions League champion with the club.  At the time, Bayer paid 5 million Euro for him and a year later received back 6.5 million Euro for him [from Real Madrid].

Article was written by Frank Lussem

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