Perfect! Liverpool acquires Can. (Bildsport Zeitung, Phillip Arens, 4.6.14.)

Now it’s clear: Can is transferring to FC Liverpool!

The Premier League runners up, FC Liverpool, have handed in a written offer to Bayer Leverkusen for Germany’s U21 national team player, Emre Can (20).

Leverkusen’s General Manager, Michael Schade (61) spoke to Bild: “Until Tuesday it was just a rumor.  Now I can confirm that an official offer from Liverpool has come in through the mail.  

The transfer is perfect – Liverpool wants to make the announcement on Thursday.

Leverkusen would have liked to have held on to Can, but the midfielder has a clause in his contract that allows him to move to another club outside of Germany in the summer for 12 million Euro.

Can came to Leverkusen from Bayern in the summer for 5.5 million Euro

Munich is also profiting from the transfer: at the time, they had inserted a buy-back clause into his contract.  That has naturally been forfeited and so the champion record holders will receive two million of the 12 million Euro. 

Leverkusen’s Sporting Director Rudi Voeller has already said in a BILD-interview: “A deal would be lucrative for us, but that’s not really the point.  We are of the opinion that another year with our squad would do Emre good.  Roger Schmidt has already spoken to him, and he’s thinks a great player.  And I’m convinced that under Roger, Can would get even better.

Written by Phillip Arens

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