Sep 16

Neverkusen Podcast 90a

Well, it was bound to happen at some point this season.  Bayer Leverkusen finally dropped some points against a pair of old rivals, Werder Bremen and Robin Dutt.  Tom and Eric welcome the only Bremen fan they know (not really), old friend Nik from the Bundesliga Fanatic website and the Talking Fussball Extra and Aufstieg pods.  And, as will happen when three guys get together, the talk naturally turned to groins.  Have a listen to part one of episode 90, and stay tuned for part two later this week!  And to all the fans traveling to Monaco this week, have a great time and we can’t wait to hear you!

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  1. George

    Hello Eric,

    I saw you at Zeiglers wunderbare Welt des Fussballs Sunday night! You are famous now! 😉
    I am happy that we are on first place of the Bundesliga right now, but
    I missed a bit the critical part of the Werder Bremen match. How did our defence managed to get three goals from such a modest team like Bremen? In two matches at home we catched five goals… How many goals will we catch versus Bayern? Five or six?
    An other negative aspect were the very stupid yellow cards that we recieved, due to nervous reactions of our players.
    Those issues have to be fixed by our new coach.
    Wish you a nice week!

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