Sep 05

Neverkusen Podcast 123

It’s the end of the international break! Praise Jeebus! Time to get back to the only team that matters, Bayer 04 Leverkusen. In episode 123, Eric is joined by Bayer fan Andreas Odendahl in Germany, and the two discuss the transfer saga of the past couple of weeks. What once looked like a team deeper than a Chicago-style pizza is now, well…not quite as deep, I guess. Naturally, that has led to some questions, such as why get rid of so many center-backs, who can also play in the defensive midfield? What’s our relationship to FSV Mainz? How good is Hakan? Can we #trustinboldt? Eric and Andreas tackle these questions (and more!) in a transfer-themed episode you’re guaranteed to love!*

*guarantee not valid in North America, Europe, or rest of the world

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