Sep 12

Neverkusen Podcast 124

Danger! Danger! Danger! It’s another episode of the Neverkusen podcast and the crew sits down this week with special guest and massive Leverkusen fan Luca in part one to discuss the AMAZEBALLS weekend match against HSV (hahahaha), and in part two we talk to Finland football expert Kyle about that hattrick hero who has captured our hearts, Joel “Danger” Pohjanpalo. With four goals in 30 minutes, it shouldn’t be too long before those bastards at Bayern are sniffing around him…dicks.


  1. Jake

    Can you guys explain to me why Leverkusen do all these complex set pieces that never work. Why can’t they just let Calhanoglu do what he does best and take a normal free kicks

    1. Neverkusen Podcast

      Hi Jake,

      We online more on Twitter. At this point we need to ask why they can’t defend set pieces properly or convert penalties 🙂

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