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Neverkusen Podcast #21

In the season finale of the Neverkusen podcast Captain Patrick fights a hangover, Frieda struggles not to turn into a werewolf, Eric continues to mispronounce players’ names, and Tom barely escapes getting Kadlec’d. The long season is at an end, and not a moment too soon! Thanks to all of our listeners for hanging with …

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Neverkusen Podcast #20

The season is winding down and the Neverkusen Crew is feeling the effects of a long campaign. We might sound a little weary, but don’t let that stop you from listening to the most recent episode of the pod, in which we discuss the match against Hannover 96 and Michael Ballack’s and Rene Adler’s farewell …

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Neverkusen Podcast #19

“WTF is #tpmuc and #tkss?” Patrick asks our special guest this week, Markus (@mahqz) an SVB fan living deep in the heart of Bavaria. Markus helps the Neverkusen crew break down this week’s victory against 1899 TSG Hoffenheim, and provides us with a first-person perspective of the recent Twitter-generated football gatherings in Munich and Cologne. …

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Neverkusen Podcast #18

The crew is back with the 18th episode of the Neverkusen Podcast, and it’s a big one! In part one we recap some of the highlights from the Hamburg and Kaiserslautern matches, and Wolfgang Holzhaeuser gets a verbal beatdown from the gang. In part two we are joined by Hertha Berlin fan, Connie (@strafraum on …

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Neverkusen Podcast #17

In episode 17 the Neverkusen crew are happy to welcome Alex (@bundesligafooty) from the Talking Fussball podcast to discuss Bayer Leverkusen’s latest home loss against Freiburg and the volatile trainer situation. The gang takes bets on the date and time of Robin Dutt’s firing and tries not to wallow in the despair around the team. …

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Neverkusen Podcast #16

Episode 16 sees the Neverkusen crew vent its frustration over the loss against Schalke and Robin Dutt’s ineffectiveness. Patrick pays homage to Rudi Voeller with an Ausraster (tirade) that would make Uli Hoeness (pfui!) blush. We are fed up and no amount of beer is going to dull the pain, although we’re giving it a …

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Neverkusen Podcast #15

Tough times for Leverkusen and the Neverkusen Crew! The 2-1 loss against Mönchengladbach meant saying definite goodbye to the Champions League next season. Frieda and Patrick had such a hard time digesting this reality, that Eric and Tom took on the painful job of discussing this sad fixture for us. Neverkusen Podcast #15 by Neverkusenpodcast …

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Neverkusen Podcast #14

It’s been a particularly bitter week for Leverkusen fans, and the Neverkusen crew returns with special guest Scott from Montreal (@WerkselfSVBayer) to help dissect the hopeless corpse that is Bayer Leverkusen. Setbacks against Barcelona and Wolfsburg in successive matches have driven one of us to ditch the beer and switch to stronger stuff. The Neverkusen …

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Neverkusen Podcast #13

The 13th episode of the Neverkusen Podcast celebrates Bayer Leverkusen’s 2-0 victory over Bayern Munich. Tom, Frieda, Eric and Patrick drink, laugh, and carry on in the manner you might expect a deliriously happy group of supporters to behave. The team is humming like a finely tuned engine, and the Neverkusen Crew is happy to …

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Neverkusen Podcast #12

In this episode we welcome Bayer fan Jannis who helps us g(l)oat over our victory over FC Koeln.  Keep trying Koeln, maybe one day you’ll be the “Macht am Rhein.”  But probably not 🙂 Neverkusen Podcast #12 by Neverkusenpodcast on Mixcloud