Neverkusen Podcast 147

Leverkusen went into this week’s match with a snowball’s chance in Hannover, but that turns out to be a pretty good chance, actually. In a match to rival any other in terms of extreme conditions, Bayer were able to overcome a second-half comeback by H96 to squeeze out a victory in a blizzard. Our good friend Ansgar joins us to discuss Sunday’s match, consider the virtues of DollBall (are there any?), and marvel at the most ridiculous shot on goal of the year. That sound you hear is Genki Haraguchi still cursing his luck…oh, and there’s a little extra about Doll at the very end, so listen past the outro music.

Neverkusen Podcast 146

Have we got a massive episode for you this week! Fresh off of a convincing victory against Fortuna Duesseldorf and looking ahead to Krasnodar and Dortmund, the Neverkusen Crew is joined by three friends in this two-part episode. In part one, Fortuna fan and overall excellent user of the Twitter platform, Thorsten Schaar, talks to Eric about Sunday’s match and the shining light that is Friedhelm “PeaceHelmet” Funkel. In part two, Andreas and Anna drop by to look ahead to the Europa League match and to talk all things Bayer Leverkusen. This two-parter is a long one, so you better put some beer in the fridge…

Neverkusen Podcast 145

Bayer Leverkusen have scored 11-3 goals in the last three Bundesliga matches, and if we can overlook that debacle against Heidenheim then everything looks rosy! It’s certainly the case that our match against FSV Mainz has only increased Peter Bosz’s cult of personality, but we’re ok with it if these results continue. We’re thrilled to have podcaster extraordinaire Conor Garrett on in this episode to dissect the Mainz match – pressure him into continuing the DrierPackPod, people!! Grab a pint while we grab points and enjoy!

Neverkusen Podcast 144

Can’t think of a better person to talk to than our home girl Susie Schaaf after a surprising victory. We spend a lot of time talking about everything other than the match, but that’s why this podcast is free 🙂 . #likeabosz

Neverkusen Podcast 143

Oh, snap! Two podcasts in two weeks! It’s almost like we’re trying to take this podcasting thing more seriously! Well, this week we have a close look at the WOB/LEV match from Saturday…a happy result, but still a few questions. Like, does any Bayer fan value Kevin Volland at all? Or is it #freealario? Joining us to discuss the match is Tom in England, who’s been a WOB fan for the last decade, and our old friend Marco in Freiburg. Grab a beer, grab a snack, close your eyes, and settle back.

Neverkusen Podcast 142

Well, it’s been too long, as they say, but the Neverkusen Crew is back (minus 1) to tickle your eardrums with the dulcet sounds of our Bayer love….wow, it really has been too long! This week Frieda, Patrick and Eric welcome second-time guest Ali back to the podcast to take a quick (like, really fast) look at the Hinrunde before considering what lies ahead. The match against BMG is considered in the scope of Peter Bosz’s signing, and Patrick tells us how much weight he’s put on in a year of marriage. This was a lot of fun…we’ll be back for next week’s match against WOB. Enjoy!

Neverkusen Podcast 141

Bayer’s 40th season in the Bundesliga has started much like its last several seasons. A less than convincing preseason, a squeaker in their first Pokal match, and a deserved loss to the horsies in Moenchengladbach after an abysmal second half of something you can’t really call football. And to show our support, the Neverkusen crew recorded a pod with some shoddy equipment (sorry about the sound), only fielded three (miss ya, Pat), and then let Kirsten Schlewitz from the @UnusualEfforts website/podcast run roughshod (not really, of course!). She kills it…all without coffee! We’ll try to improve the sound quality for the next pod – thanks for your patience!

Neverkusen Podcast 140

It’s been an up and down start to the Rueckrunde, and Sunday’s match against Schalke was one of those down moments. Thankfully, we’ve got some friends to help us break down the match and Eric welcomes Ali to help argue the case for Leverkusen, while Jack from the FC Schalke 04 Pod stops by to rub the match in our faces (in a kindly fashion). In a battle between two young, hot-commodity coaches Tedesco took this round with some good coaching and gutty performances by his team. Leverkusen, while controlling much of the match, didn’t threaten much, and this time HH might have gotten his tactics wrong. All this and more inside this week’s episode!

Neverkusen Podcast 139

Ouch…Berlin put the herthan Bayer over the weekend. Fortunately, Tom and Eric don’t spend too much time talking about that match and focus instead on the Pokal quarterfinal (Eric kept saying semifinal) victory over Werder Bremen. Joining us to discuss this match is Patrick from Radio Free Weser (@RFWPod on Twitter) – this time, for the first time, as the losing party *fist pump* Patrick is a great sport in part 1, and in part 2 Eric and Tom briefly discuss some of the previous four matches, answer some listener questions, and sorta look ahead to the Pokal semifinal against Bayern. Jam-packed episode, kids, so tuck in!

Neverkusen Podcast 138

It’s the Rueckrunde, girls and boys, and it certainly started out exactly like the Hinrunde! Dammit! Bayern is a cut above, that can’t be argued, but there’s plenty to discuss for Bayer Leverkusen going forward. Tom, Patrick and Eric hit up Ali (A_AliB04) to discuss this mostly forgettable game.
It’s a great chat and we’re just so happy the ball is rolling again! Staerke Bayer!